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DuoKey for Vault

In an increasingly digital world, businesses around the world faces an explosion of secrets, including API keys, SSH keys, tokens, certificates, and configuration keys, that need to be properly secured and managed. This wide and ever growing proliferation of secrets is a real nightmare for businesses, which on the long run adds significant complexity and security risks in their IT landscape. 

Managing secrets in an efficient, scalable and secure way has become a critical priority for businesses that want to meet regulatory requirements or want to protect their organisation from evolving cyber threats when handling their sensitive data in HashiCorp Vault.


Ensure Maximum Security of Your Cloud Environment with True Peace of Mind


Leveraging secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC), DuoKey for Vault lets you control, manage and seal-wrap your own encryption keys when using Vault Entreprise.

  • Protect your secrets and sensitive data at rest with SealWrap.
    Save time and effort by automating the unsealing process of HashiCorp Vault with Auto-Unseal.
  • Comply with regulations and compliance rules (e.g. FINMA, HIPAA, GDPR, LIPAD)
  • Store your keys in multi-tenant and vault solutions powered by MPC or HSM.

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Why DuoKey?

Enhanced Data Security

Safeguard your confidential information and comply with regulations with MPC distributed encryption

Control Your Own Keys

Maintain full control over your encryption keys in multi-tenant and vault solutions powered by MPC or Hardware Security Module (HSM)


DuoKey's solutions scale with your business, providing robust security and high level of control that evolves with your requirements.