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DuoKey EKM for SQL

In digital world, the sensitive information stored in SQL databases faces various threats, including data breaches and unauthorised access.

As organisations deploy multiple databases, the complexity of encryption key management increases. Each database needs dedicated management strategies to ensure that keys are securely stored, backed up, and accessible when required.

Securing and managing encryption keys is essential for robust encryption-security scheme. It requires separating the keys from the assets they protect and ensuring their secure storage.


SQL Encryption with True Peace of Mind

DuoKey EKM for SQL integrates seamlessly with SQL databases, in both cloud and on-premises setups, to provide external key management, leveraging secure Multi- Party Computation (MPC) for unmatched security and control.

  • Protect sensitive database information by ensuring encryption keys are never fully accessible or exposed within the SQL server environment.
  • Meet stringent compliance requirements for data protection by providing an external and secure key management solution.
  • Integrate with existing SQL server configurations in a seamless manner without disruption.

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duokey-sql-01 20_cover

Why DuoKey?

Enhanced Data Security

Safeguard your confidential information and comply with regulations with MPC distributed encryption

Control Your Own Keys

Maintain full control over your encryption keys in multi-tenant and vault solutions powered by MPC or Hardware Security Module (HSM)


DuoKey's solutions scale with your business, providing robust security and high level of control that evolves with your requirements.